Immediate Assistance Program to Restart School Operations


The Puerto Rico Department of Education obtained funds from the Immediate Assistance Program to Restart School Operations (Restart) – CFDA Number: 84.938A. This allocation of funds responds to the recent disasters in several states and territories recognized by the Federal Government.

In our case, Puerto Rico was affected by hurricanes, Irma and María, and the consequences that their passage through Puerto Rico has brought. This program provides federal funds to cover expenses related to the resumption of operations, reopening and re-enrollment of students in elementary and secondary schools.

Funds assigned through this program have some restrictions, as follows:

  • Funds from this program cannot be used for major renovations, and
  • Schools can’t request reimbursement for items already claimed to FEMA or an insurance company.

Due to the purpose of these funds, their use is allowed for the acquisition of certain items that are in a particular expense object.

All requisitions must include a justification, already considered in a Needs Analysis and may be used for the purchase of the following items:

  • Conservation and Repair of computer equipment
  • Transportation Services
  • Equipment Repair
  • Unclassified Miscellaneous Services
  • Office Supplies and Materials
  • Sanitary and household effects
  • Insecticides
  • Non-capitalizable equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Educational and recreational
  • Computers
  • Computer licenses
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Air conditioners